Architect 2020 - Exhibition

February 21st 2020

Rules & Regulations


1.1. The Exhibition Committee of ‘Architect 2020’ makes the final allocation of stalls and on behalf of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA). President & the Council of Sri Lanka Institute of Architects will resolve any dispute relating to allocations and their decision in this respect will be final and conclusive. Preference will be given to the companies buying two or more trade stalls in SBA & SBB Halls.

1.2. The Exhibition Committee will only provide the exhibition space &5 Amp socket outlet and a 15 Amp socket outlet. All other arrangements including the erection of the structure within the demarcated area would be left to the discretion of the stall-holder. Also, all display items and panel separations should be erected to form an independent unit within the allocated space.

1.3. All exhibition structures shall be made to the highest standards of presentation in keeping with the standard of the exhibition. All enclosures should be structurally stable and durable for the entire period of the exhibition.

1.4. No damage of any sort or any fixing will be allowed on the floors or walls or any fittings of the BMICH. The use of the stall shall be in a manner, which will not result in any stains on walls, columns, etc. It is recommended that each stall-holder should appropriately provide a carpet suitable to his/her layout to protect the flooring at the BMICH. Any damage caused to the BMICH property by a stall-holder during transportation, erection, during the exhibition or dismantling which in the determination of the Chairman of the Exhibition Committee will be recovered from such stall holder. Stall holders are not permitted to carry out any form of spray painting and welding work inside the exhibition areas.

1.5. The service passage marked in the stall layouts for access to electrical outlets should be reserved undisturbed.

1.6. Stall Holders should not cover the fire hoses that are not locked inside and make them visible at all times.

1.7. Sri Lanka Institute of Architects reserves the rights to publish stall images, contents in ARCHITECT’2020 Web Portal.


2.1 Stall-holders are required to pay Rs.30,000 on line for each stall at the time of reservation and 75% of the total stall charges have to be paid within two weeks of stall reservation. Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of 75% advance payment. The balance payment should be made on or before 20th December 2019. Stall-holders, who have not settled the outstanding payments in full before 20th December 2019 will not be issued with an Entry-Permit to the Exhibition Grounds. All cheques should be drawn in favour of “Sri Lanka Institute of Architects”.

2.2 In the event of any cancellation of reservation of trade stall locations before 20th December 2019 only 50% of the advance received would be refunded. However, no refund would be made for any form of cancellation thereafter and the amount paid would not be transferred for any other event of the institute.

2.3 SLIA reserves the right to recall fresh reservations if the advance payment of 75% is not received within 2 weeks of the stall reservation.

2.4 Please note that Value Added Tax (VAT) would be charged (at the prevailing) on the specified stall price and a VAT invoice will be issued in respect of all dues.

Stall prices are excluded the stall reservation fee of Rs.30,000/=

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